They say literature is as old as human language, and as new as tomorrow’s sunrise. It is very difficult to establish the status of literature in a person’s life as each person, as a unique individuality, will perceive it differently. Yet, literature is sometimes seen as a mimnetic representaiton of the surrounding reality, or as a daring instrument of questioning the existing principles of a certain period in history. Some say literature soothes, others see it as a moralizing power instructing what to do and how to act. Nonetheless, the main function of literature is to communicate something. Something which will make the reader think and react in a particular way. It is supposed to question but not to give answers as the  reader is to find the answers by themselves.

Each country has its own literature, which tries to reveal or capture instances of its culture and mentality existing in a specific historic context. As things do not stay the same, they are in a perpetual change so is literature. It is in constant change looking for new ways of expression and dealing with new concepts of a particular period.

English literature has its own history. It has developed throughout the century to become one of the major influences in Europe. Due to the past imperialistic history of the country, English literature has spread worldwide, whereas, its representatives come from different parts of the world. It comprises a variety of ideas and thoughts carefully collected in the course of history, which were innovative at the time and which still impress the reader.